Supporting our communities through COVID-19

Across Tenet and USPI, we have multiple sites of care in our health system, and we work in partnership with over 50 other health systems in the U.S.

We have strong infection prevention protocols in our surgical facilities and have continued to make investments in training, testing and personal protective equipment. We are committed to the universal protection and safety of our physicians, staff and patients.

Our USPI centers have rigorous pre-screening and intake protocols to identify at-risk patients as well as redesigned patient flow from pre-op to post-op to minimize risks. Our centers are responsive and flexible to increase access to ambulatory care. We have also worked with our health system partners and commercial labs to ensure testing for those patients who need to be tested prior to their procedure.

We will continue to work with doctors and clinicians to do what is best for patient care and to coordinate with and support health systems throughout the country. The safety of our patients and caregivers is paramount and we have built all of our protocols around that principle.