Meeting Partner Needs

We bring an unmatched level of expertise in the creation of ambulatory facility networks, both through the acquisition of existing ambulatory facilities and de novo development.

USPI has a long history of acquiring, integrating and successfully growing ambulatory centers together with premier physicians and local health systems. We also have a proven track record of building on existing partnerships to create future opportunities for continued expansion in our communities. Our development team works together with our partners to ensure a seamless process from the initial stages of an acquisition to completion and beyond. 

Building an ambulatory surgery center from the ground up requires mastery of a complex set of skills acquired only through experience. At USPI, our de novo development services include detailed financial analytics, partnership formation, facility planning and construction, as well as real estate and financing capabilities. We also provide the critical expertise and resources required to successfully open and operate a surgery center.

Typical Timeline for Building De Novos


  • Mission
  • Scope of Work


  • Proforma Development
  • Site Selection
  • Validation of Case Volume
  • Term Sheet


  • Finalize documents
  • Investment
  • Form Physician Steering Committee
  • Finalize Lease


  • Construction Drawings
  • Building Permits
  • Equipment Planning


  • Policies & Procedures
  • Employee Hiring & Training
  • Medical Staff Bylaws
  • Credentialing / Scheduling
  • Service Agreements


  • State License
  • CMS Certification
  • Managed Care

~ 12 months from syndication to first patient