Kisha Taylor

Kisha Taylor, Baylor Scott &White Hospital at Sunnyvale Sunnyvale, TX

A true servant leader, Kisha is not one to stand around and watch. Kisha leaned into new responsibilities and challenges during the pandemic. She was quick to understand the complexities of caring for COVID-19 patients, designing a drive-up ED tent for the hospital to allow patients to stay in their cars and avoid the potential spread of the virus. Kisha trained staff members on the proper ways to don and doff personal protective equipment and didn’t hesitate to step in as a triage nurse herself when needed.

Kisha’s commitment to excellence in care extends beyond the facility’s walls and into the community as she designed an Emergency Services Nurse Graduate Program to facilitate developing new team members onsite, contributing to a “grow our own” culture. A compassionate leader, Kisha also organized a food drive to benefit families without jobs because of COVID-19.