Delia Morrissette and Andreana Martinez

Delia Morrissette and Andreana Martinez, Metro Surgery CenterPeoria, AZ

Delia, Front Desk Clerk, and Andreana, Insurance Verifier, were nominated together because “that is how they function, as a team.” When team members at their facility were furloughed as a result of the pandemic, these two took on additional roles and trained quickly on new functions without skipping a beat to ensure each patient was treated with compassion and felt completely informed on the facility’s new safety processes. Delia and Andreana conducted the proper insurance verifications, then reached out to patients to work through financial plans for covering their service. Additionally, they coordinated with their local leadership team to implement a robust COVID testing plan.

In one of the hardest healthcare environments, Delia and Andreana were repeatedly recognized by patients, including one receiving nine comments in a single month. As noted by one patient, these two colleagues are “VERY busy and dedicated front office staff, and incredibly professional. Handling COVID precautions very well. They deserve special recognition for all that has been asked of them, and new shoes, as they are constantly on the go!”